IECIE 2018

IECIE 2018


Overheard: “If you aren’t here in Shenzhen on the 14th April weekend, you are a nobody in the vape industry”

IECIE had expanded into 4 halls this year (3 previously) and had become the largest vape expo ever to be organized. Every player of the vape industry, globally, participated or visited this expo to source and to find out what is the latest product launching. This is the fourth time that the exhibition has been held since 2015 and has been evaluated by the industry as one of the leading electronic cigarette exhibitions in the world. It is reported that the IECIE Electronic Cigarette Exhibition has always adhered to the principle of “internationalization and specialization”. They were able to establish a professional B2B one-stop exhibition platform for exhibitors to promote their latest products.

In addition to attracting the e-cigarette enthusiasts’, there are activities such as World Cloud Championships, VLOCO Photo Contest, Precise Coiling Competition, Eliquid Brewing Contest and Special Deal Day. IECIE also prepared graffiti, tattoo booth, modified car showcase and AR experience to close the gap of the vape culture and trend culture. This had attracted the attention of a large number of visitors and reached the purpose of IECIE electronic tobacco exhibition to expand vape culture to the right audience.

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