As side branch from the VCHAMP competition, this gala dinner was organized to appreciate tricksters who worked hard to support the vape industry and to announce the finalists who would be participating in VCHAMP Finals (the next day). Conducted at the Four Points Hotel in Kuala Lumpur, the gala dinner was participated by 100 persons (by invitation only) who are active in the vape industry of Malaysia; cloudchasers, cloudtrickers, reviewers, media and sponsors from China.

The event kicked off with the opening speech of the VCHAMP founder, Mr Yap, who welcomed all the attendees and congratulated all the finalists. The contributors of the overall VCHAMP competition were welcomed to the stage to receive the Appreciation Certificate including the sponsors, judges and media.

Next, 10 top cloudtricksters of Malaysia were acknowledged for their contributions. The criteria was based on Instagram followers and views. Frida Anne, Fiqrie, Haziq, Amin, Valerie, Hazelnut, Yzan, Bathuq, Alia and Straw received the Viewer’s Choice Award Top 10 Tricksters.

Adrian Lo, Wan Natasha, Yaya Nadian, Yucha and Yeop Hashim were awarded the top 5 reviewers of Malaysia for their effort to promote vape products in Malaysia. The selection was based from the China sponsors who accredited their effort in duration of being a reviewer, international status or partnership with any international vape manufacturers.

CEO Special Award goes to Bathuq, Yzan and Razif. Both Yzan and Razif were the winners for 2017 VChamp. Bathuq won in 2016.

The night continued with a special showcase of the main sponsor Oumier’s lastest RDA, the VLS.

Vape News Malaysia, Mr Elton, was awarded the Distinguished Service Award for their effort in media support and coverage in Asia’s vape scene.

And finally, the 16 finalists were announced and invited to the stage. They would be participating in the VCHAMP Finals the next day at TRX Studio. The winners from cloudtrick and cloudchase category will qualify to represent Malaysia to participate in the VCHAMP International Competition this coming April in Shenzhen Vape Expo (IECIE). Winner will bring home USD10000!

The main sponsor who ensured this event to be successful is Oumier. Wotofo and Asmodus were also part of the sponsors team. This event was endorsed by MEVTA and graced by the attendance of Mr Zain. Media coverage was supported by Vape News Malaysia and Vape Bang (China). A few of the VVIPs on that night were Mr Zac Oh (Vape Empire), Mr Zain (MEVTA), Mr Kun Tze (Vape Bang China), Mr Buo (Oumier), Mr Zhang (Wotofo), Mr Michael and Mr Ken (representative from Asmodus).

Pics at Facebook Page Vape News Malaysia Part 1 and Part 2.