14 Vaperz Futsal: Vaping To A Healthier Lifestyle

14 Vaperz Futsal: Vaping To A Healthier Lifestyle


09/06/2017 – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia: As we all knew that a lot of people vaped to live in a healthier lifestyle (as opposed to smoking), vaping also brought the vape community together.

Organized by 14 Vaperz, the match was well responded by a lot of Malaysia eliquid manufacturers. A total of 40 players participated in this competition. Organizer, Mr Ayie mentioned that he was overwhelmed with the response of participants. He also praised all the participants’ sportsmanship and team work.

The playoffs eliminated a lot of skillful players. However it all boiled down to the final match. The final match was a show down between Jakes Brew team  VS Juice Tuners + 14 Vaperz team. Competition was very intense as the JakesBrew team was leading 1 – 0 in the first half, scored by Spawn. However in the 2nd half, Saiful from 14/Tuners put in an equalizer with his freekick. Akie from 14/Tuners put an end to the equalizer with a 2 – 1 lead with a header just 3 minutes before the final whistle.

Everyone had a great time. At the benches, some of them were chatting and discussing the current vape industry in our country. Ideas and experiences were shared among each other. This was the reflection of a healthy vape community in Malaysia. To these eliquid manufacturers, it wasn’t just about business and profits, it was about friendship and brotherhood.

All games highlight:

Red Card: 1 (Bruce Ayumi for tripping Ayie Dylan during playoffs)

Yellow Card: 1 (Azam Ossem for charging)

Injury: 1 (Ayie Dylan, sustained knee injury and admitted to Taman Desa Medical Center)

MVP: Akie from 14 Vaperz

Live Broadcast: Vape News Malaysia (kena cut off during playoffs kerana data tak cukup)

Betting Partners: Ash and Spawn from JakesBrew, 1% management fee.