VapeConKL2 – Vendor Briefing at Sunway Putra Hotel

VapeConKL2 – Vendor Briefing at Sunway Putra Hotel


16/01/2017 – Kuala Lumpur: Participating vendors were invited to the vendor briefing as VapeConKL2 is drawing nearer. The purpose of this vendor meeting was to explain to the participating vendors the whole scope of VapeConKL2. Vendors who attended were provided with information on the matters of marketing activities, safety issues, renovation ideas, consultation services, loading/unloading bays, roadshow activities, media partners, itinerary of the 3 days event and others.

A few issues that were raised were the standardization of the set-up renovation for all booths and participation in the VapeConKL2 vape-tours to the others states in Malaysia to promote this event. All vendors are encouraged to participate in the vape-tours.

President of VapeConKL2, Mr Bryan Mohamed had explained in detail the whole concept of this event and emphasized on the importance of the B2B outcome of this event. He also added that the side activities such as cloud competitions are important to pull in the crowd. There will be international vendors from other countries and he advised all vendors must work together to ensure this event to become a success. He also required that the local vendors (from Malaysia) were to provide as much support to the international vendors during VapeConKL2.

The participating vendors were glad that such briefing was organized in advance because this will give enough time to make the necessary preparation.