VapeConKL 2 Promotional Video featuring Cloudy Heaven

VapeConKL 2 Promotional Video featuring Cloudy Heaven


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Black Dope

New born flavour by Cloudy Heaven. Crisp green apple and light notes of citrus combined with rich. Tobaccos in this fresh tasting fusion.

Soirs De Scotch

Hint of the classic butterscotch and sweet cream when inhale and a taste of banana when exhale. Come with 3 level of nicotine, 6mg, 9mg and 12mg.

The Stranger

The idea behind was attempt a combination of two types of vanilla flavours , the resault speaks for itself, a smooth blend of bold full bodied vanilla exteact . A definite flavour for anyone with an interest in sweet / dessert types blends.

Space Mango

Mixed of 3 freshly mango flavours. “Sweet n Sour” mango taste when inhale, finished with a touch of mint when exhale.

Strawberry Cupcakes

Freshly baked strawberry cupcake shrouded in fresh whipped cream finished with a touch of fresh vanilla.

The Sunday Blueberry Cheesecake

Its a mix of red berry and blueberry when inhale and finish with a touch of a sweet chiller

The Madz Juice Berry Crunch

Berry crunch by madjuice is a real sense of the uniqueness of grain berries. it’s a delicious berry flavour that goes down smooth and finishes off subtly sweer and creamy.

Double Grape

A refreshing vape juice, our extract grape and wine grape ejuice is deliciously sweet and juicy to make a great daily vape

flybananaFly Banana

A layered sliced bananas blend and refreshing tropical flavour to create a very all day vapeable eliquid