Mad Mods Vape Store

Mad Mods Vape Store


Established in July 2016, Mad Mods Vape Store opened with a goal to supply the latest innovations that the Vape industry had to offer. With most vape stores out there selling 20161013_184416generic vape products, Mad Mods quickly became a hit with customers. One would only need to step into their flagship store at One Stop Midlands Park to realize the wide array of mods, tanks, and drippers available for sale.

As all of their staff are smokers turned vapers, they understand the struggles of a smoker trying to quit through vaping. With a very friendly and knowledgeable staff on deck, one would feel right at home. When customers aren’t enquiring the staff, they are relaxing on couch and bean bags made available in the store for customers to take a load off and just hang out.

Product knowledge among the staff are top notch and they know how to advice customers on which setup are suitable for their current need. With the cost of vaping seen as high by most, this is a plus as they strive to match customers with products that can last them a while instead of the generic short-lived products sold out there.

With the latest products brought in every few weeks, Mad Mods have put themselves on the map. A definite must-stop store whenever I’m in Penang, that’s for sure…