Vape & Social Media Marketing in Malaysia

Vape & Social Media Marketing in Malaysia


What is the best channel of social media marketing in Malaysia? There will be no denial that a lot of the vape businesses will agree to Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. However, this post will exclude Twitter because this platform is not really that popular in our country. Lets take a look on the pro and cons of FB and IG.

User Database

Facebook has a wider user base with 1.3 billion daily users and it can attract a lot of users from different age range. (Editor: Heck! Even my mom is on Facebook and she is commenting on every pic I posted). The mechanism is simple and users just read through their feeds and it started off as a way to connect-reconnect with friends and families. Instagram has 300 million daily users and it is a more of a visual based platform with photos and hashtags.


As both platform do not allow tobacco or any e-cigarettes product to be advertised (paid advertisement), it is solely based on your likers or followers to see what you have posted in your page (for FB) and account (for IG).

Platform strengths

Instagram is about sharing photos and videos. The short videos were formerly 15 seconds long but are now up to a minute. Instagram helps with direct conversations with customers and with building a solid brand loyalty base. This is a good channel for your e-liquids product feature, a pic and short descriptive contents.

Facebook, on the other hand, is multi-optional, with lots of variety.  You can choose and use whatever feature (groups, events, shops, photos, videos, text, etc.) that suits your business needs each time when you post content. Vape retailers will have a chance market their stores with information such as business hours, events, addresses. Brewers will have the chance to showcase their products. However, the power of sharing (between one user to another) is the main tool here as users can share your content onto their page wall and on other groups.


Functionality is defined as the impact of your post. Your post from your Facebook business related page (eliquids, hardware, stores) can only be seen by your ‘page likers’. Assuming that these ‘likers’ have already known your business (hence they liked your page), your posts shall only be presented to those who already known you (or your business). Your post will hardly reach a new prospect unless it was shared by a ‘liker’ from your page. Malaysian vapers who are consuming your product will “LIKE” your page and they will receive all the information but this is not the best platform if you wanna seek out new potential customers.

Instagram utilizes the power of hashtag (#) and it is more concentrated towards a particular market which you want to emphasize on. For example, if you have a eliquid that you are confident that will be a hit on certain countries, you can #vape-country name (vapebahrain, vapepoland, vapeindonesia). By doing so, your post will be featured under that hashtag. Eventually when that prospect from Bahrain or Poland or Indonesia checked this hashtag posting, your post can be seen by them. In short, Instagram will hit directly to that prospect who are interested in that topic because if the prospect is not from Bahrain and he is not a vaper, he will NOT seek out what is posted in #VapeBahrain. The same goes for # such as #eliquids, @ejuices, @vape, @vapecommunity. Another point is Malaysian vapers are the younger crowd where most of them have Instagram accounts.

So dude, what’s your conclusion?

Every vape related businesses must need both these platforms. However, a lot of Malaysia business owners do not have an Instagram account because they are concerned that they do not have that much followers. I want to EMPHASIZE again to them that it is not about your followers. If you want followers to see your post, you already have those ‘likers’ in your Facebook page. You want to utilize the power of # to direct feed your contents to those who actually cared and interested in that particular vape topic.

Facebook for showcasing your latest product, shop overs, cloud competition events, new launches thru the power of ‘sharing’

Instagram for utilizing the power of hashtag (#) to expose your product to new prospects.