Vape Meet, Kota Damansara 13/11/2016

Vape Meet, Kota Damansara 13/11/2016


13/11/16, Kota Damansara: A voluntary attendance vape meet was held at Kota Damansara to discuss a few important issues related to the vape industry in Malaysia.

dsc01761A few of the participants had voiced out good points to protect the industry such as price control and distribution strategy. Other than that, they also encouraged vape retailers in other states in organize more in-store activities to boost up the crowd in their stores.

dsc01775Dato Wan had shared his opinion on some distribution strategy which he observed from other countries such as Indonesia. He mentioned that the price must be well-controlled in order to protect the retail price. He quoted “Ini business kita, kalau kita tidak bela kita sendiri, siapakah yang akan bela kita?” Translation: This is our business, if we do not help among ourselves, who will help us?’ All participants agreed.

dsc01778Vape Empire CEO, Mr Zac Oh added that vape meets should be organized in a more frequent manner to boost the brotherhood bondage of the Malaysia vape industry. Thru vape-meets such as this, the participants could update each other on new products, regulations overseas, foreign market scene as well as opportunities to grow together. He also added that vape meets such as this should be conducted in other states too.

dsc01751MEVTA Secretary Mr. Norman Ismail concluded that MEVTA would always be there to support the vape business owners in Malaysia. MEVTA is always available to provide advice and consultation to new vape related business owners. Other than that, MEVTA also enforced high priority on the price control issue among the vape retailers.

dsc01771The vape meet which started at 8pm lasted till late in which the team discussed a lot more in detail on strategy while sharing their recent experience on the market sentiment.