Coway Malaysia Caused Uproar Among Malaysian Vapers Community

Coway Malaysia Caused Uproar Among Malaysian Vapers Community


Kuala Lumpur; 14/11/16 – A recent post in Coway Malaysia’s Facebook page had caused an uproar among the vapers community in Malaysia.

14937350_1300499779989835_7702909867401692775_nThe post stated:

“November is Lung Cancer Awareness month.”

“While many are switching to e-cigarettes as an alternative to quit smoking, the device, its contents and labels are not tested for safety according to the FDA.”

The picture also included a Myth VS Fact diagram that indicated that Myth: eCigs are safe VS Fact: eCigs are unregulated in Malaysia, which means we can’t be certain if they are safe.

Malaysia E-Vaporizers and Tobacco Alternative Association (MEVTA) had issued a demand of response from Coway on the authenticity of the statement. The Vice President, Mr Alang had written in to their HQ and demand a response on why such statement is made.

14980768_10209653909757470_5895151208927048912_nMr Alang supported the LungCancer Awareness program but he was curious as why Coway, which is a water purifier and air purifier company would have the audacity to make such claim. He quoted “Why would someone from an entire different industry to come and condemn on vape industry, when our homes, offices and vape stores have engaged their services all these years?” MEVTA had created a visual artwork in telling Coway Malaysia to get their facts right.

The post was removed on 14/11/16 between 2pm to 4pm.