The Soda Brewers

The Soda Brewers


The beginning

I started dwelling into the brewing scene in February 2016, as I had a friend in Melaka who used to brew suddenly decided to stop. As he said he’s fed up with the vaping scene. I was based in Penang at the time so I took a long drive to Melaka as he told me to come over to come learn how to brew. Little did I know he had planned to hand over to me all his raws and equipment for brewing. His operation was big to me! I only came in a car when in fact I should have arrived in a 1 ton truck! Yes he gave me that much raw materials to get started. I was lucky to have a guru to teach me and also free stuff to play with. Lessons were short and simple and total time we had was that night itself so less than 3 hours.

I loaded all I could into my tiny car and drove back to Penang the same night. Mind you At the same time i had to run a vape shop and was also an active member in the Penang Vape Entrepreneurs Association (PPVPP) too. So i just played with a few raws, trying to find and figure out what to do etc. There was so much involved. It took me about a month to come up with something useful. So i came out with 2 types of flavours. It was solely sold in the outlet as the juices were named after the outlet and it had good response from our regulars.

The move

Few months down the road, I moved back to KL. There I met up with an old friend who happened to be a brewer and raw material supplier. We hooked up and started brewing juices for the overseas market. It was a fun time learning and experimenting with flavours. He taught me about secrets of brewing and more. While in KL I also shared knowledge with other experienced brewers who to my surprise were willing to teach a newbie like me.

Now with my own recipe and range I’ve created 5 types of Soda Based flavours (Mango Soda Lime, Orange Soda Lime, Grape Soda, Strawberry Soda and Blueberry Pomegranate  Soda). So far these flavours cant be found locally but have sent them to Croatia and also Thailand.
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