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Stone N’ Vape


Stone N’ Vape was founded in 2016. Its creator, Alex Chan has started making e-liquids since 2011.

When the founder started vaping in 2010, there was not much selection of e-liquid in the market. The best available e-juices at that time are mostly from US and they are quite expensive. In order to improve his own vaping experience, he did a lot of research and experiments using DOW & USP grade materials. As a result, he has developed much cheaper selections as alternatives, while having comparable superior quality and taste to US juices.

After a while, his expertise was noticed by one of the biggest and oldest vape distributors in Borneo, and he became the in-house brewer for them till 2015. Today, he is already a trusted well-known pioneer in the Malaysian vaping community. Other brands previously affiliated with him were Family Vape (2011), Nameless (2013), Vaportronic (2014) & Herbs Brewing (2015), all of which were hot-selling in Malaysia during their times.

stone-and-vape-brewer-pageDue to the extensive knowledge and experience gain throughout the years, Stone N’ Vape’s products maintain the highest quality and taste. All our products contain the followings:

  • no artificial colouring,
  • no diacetyl,
  • only DOW & USP grade ingredients,
  • high percentage of flavorings for optimum enjoyment of taste,
  • 100% no gunk,
  • US measurement of nicotine for satisfactory throat hit

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+60 16 878 2826 (Alex)
+60 16 411 0230 (Hamilton)
+60 16 555 8508 (Lawrance)

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