#VapeBukanRokok Campaign http://thevapers.org/en/

#VapeBukanRokok Campaign http://thevapers.org/en/


What is thevapers.org

– a platform for Malaysian vape supporters to voice out their right to vape as it is believed to be a less harmful alternative to smoking
– spread awareness and urge their followers to sign the petition which will be presented to the World Health Organization to prevent the outlaw of vape products
– to show the vape users’ support for the buying and using of sensibly regulated e-cigarettes and other vape products.



1. To create awareness on e-cigarette being a less harmful, more effective alternative to smoking & get people to www.thevapers.org and sign the petition.
2. Educate your friends & followers on the findings and study of Dr.Konstantinos on this topic (more information from the study below)
3. To emphasise on the importance of a regulated vape industry and how it will help smokers & vape community in the long run.

Click on link #VapeBukanRokok to participate. Let’s make an impact globally. #MalaysiaBoleh