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img_20160727_115706_1469591874494Ace of Hearts E-juice started off in November 2015 as the founder was playing around with a flavor and decided to gather some people who tasted the first label “Crazy 8” and was opened to an overseas market, although it did not materialize, Ace Of Hearts strived on and decided to start production at the end of November 2015. What started off as a hobby and wanting clean e-juices to vape, We strive to look after our brand and keep all our products clean and by making sure our product does not change flavors after some time on the shelf, we make sure all e-juice produced by AOHE is steeped to perfection before bottling is done.

Ace Of Hearts was launched during Vapex KL2016 and we studied the market and had good feedback from the crowd which wanted new flavors in the market besides the usual fruity and creamy e-juices.

In June 2016, we launched champagne (No alcohol added. Only flavoring) based e-juice. Every flavor goes through tedious research for many months before the flavor goes into production.

We have grown locally in Malaysia and have ventured overseas and you could now find our products in Thailand, Vietnam, Kuwait, Maldives and many more to come. Now under the company name of Ace of Hearts Brewery, we do provide OEM for brewers overseas in our lab.

img-20160808-wa0013Ace of Hearts Ejuice guarantees you some of the highest quality Vape you can find in the market, why does it make a difference?

  • Ace of Hearts Ejuice is stirred to perfection
  • Ace Of Hearts Ejuice does not contain diacetyl.
  • Ace Of Hearts Ejuice does not condone the usage of artificial coloring.
  • Ace Of Hearts Ejuice only uses USP (United States Pharmacopeia) grade raw materials.
  • Cleanliness is our priority.
  • As all products from Ace of Hearts Ejuice are well stirred and steeped, you would get a smooth Vaping experience with a fruity or creamy after taste.

As everyone taste buds are different, we do not expect everyone to like our products, do not bash and VAPE ON !!

Mobile: +6019 600 3126 (Adrian Koh)

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Instagram: aceofheartsejuice