Born in Taiping, Perak (northern states of Malaysia) and raised in Kuala Lumpur, Mr Zulhasanul Zarif or more recognized as Zoul, is a pure vaper at heart. At the age of 24, he had already mastered many tricks such as sharksplit, vertical split and the hula. His O spamming is the one the best in Malaysia. Started vaping as an alternative to smoking, Zoul vaped since 2013 till today. He started to learn cloudtricks back in 2015 and had been practicing daily to improve his skill. Starting with blowing Os through the coughing method, he was always researching new ways for new tricks as well as referring to international cloudtricksters for ideas.

zoulosHe was part of Vape Element Malaysia team in 2014 and had taken an active role within the organization since 2016. His sponsors included Juice Empire, Utara Clouds, Samurai Modz, VCC Cotton and Wanna Tash, not to mention previous sponsorship from Vape News Malaysia. Currently he is free-lancing and definitely accepting new sponsors from interested parties.

Zoul was given the title of The King of Clouds during MAVEX2016 in May 2016 and he is still actively participating in competition to improve himself. He mentioned that the best way to improve oneself was to be in a battle where the adrenaline level peaked and that was when one could reach their maximum potential. (Editor’s note: Reminds me of Goku from Dragon Ball Z).

Zoul is also a cloudtrick performer for hired where his team can perform for company functions and vape events, as well as being a competition jury. He is currently conducting cloudtrick tutorials for new tricksters and hope that Malaysia will improve in the ranks of cloudtricks by the international level.

IG: Zoul_711