Wan Natasha

Wan Natasha


Wan Natasha has a long history of being in the spotlight. She was in the theatre business right after her graduation in Mass Communication and Media Studies at Uitm Lendu. After that, she was involved in TV production as a local celebrity. She started vaping in April 2015.

Her 1st ejuice review gig came in 2015 when she was helping her friend from VBox to advertise his monthly vapemail subscription. As that particular video clip had received high traffic of viewers globally, she felt that she could contribute so much to the vape scene in Malaysia by doing reviews. Since then, she had been reviewing a lot of ejuices in Malaysia.

wan-natasha1According to Miss Wan Natasha, it is not an easy task to conduct reviews on ejuices as there are so many of them in Malaysia. As for those she had turned down, she would like to offer her most sincere apology. There were a lot of time involvement in the video edit part and she always put in extra effort onto the script to make the review video more fun and catchy. She said that the video needed to be dazzling and not solely based on mentioning the flavour or the PG/VG ratio of the ejuices. She commented that by inserting some jokes into the video, it would make it more captivating and she was really thankful to her theatrical classes in college for helping her to achieve this.

Miss Wan Natasha is one of the most sought after reviewers in Malaysia.  As being a cloudtrickster and also having her own line of ejuice, the WannaTash, she has all the criteria to be a good reviewer. She knows what the ingredients for a good ejuice production are, the PG/VG vs flavour ratio for a good output of vape and the throat heat requirement for the fruity or creamy flavoured ejuices. In short, she knows her stuff from the aspects of ejuice production to marketing to distribution to sales and to consumer experience.

She hopes that it will not only be her name as a reviewer that can reach international heights, but the whole Malaysian vape scene that can move up together as a whole.

Instagram: wannatashaa