Loco La Saveur

Loco La Saveur


LOCO La Savèur was first initiated as a personal project to make vaping pleasurable for 4 brothers’ own consumption, but eventually it turned out to become a family business for them. Starting off as a simple family oriented project to find a substitute for smoking, they fiddled with a lot of flavors, both image3fruity and creamy flavored. None of these were ever in production for sales. Only until 3 years ago, they discovered to use hazelnut as an ingredient for ejuices for their own personal consumption. Initially, they were sharing this delicious ejuice with their family members and close friends as a method of seeking feedback to improve the quality of this ejuice. However, their friends can’t get enough of this ejuice and in fact willing to pay to purchase.

image1Starting off as a small business to cater for close circle of friends, the demand of this ejuice started increasing as they started to receive orders from out of states in a short span of 6 months. A small project started off to find a replacement for smoking eventually became an entrepreneur business which is shipping nationwide. It was until 2 years ago that the brothers launched this product under the name of Loco la Savèur, Nut Fudge, and there is nothing stopping them since. Finally they had created a nutty flavored ejuice that was crafted to satisfy our Asian taste bud whilst packing a punch of throat hit during inhale to capture the feel of vaping sensation.

image2The Nut Fudge was the one and only ejuice that is being marketed by the LOCO team currently. Their objective is to produce a one single ejuice that has a ‘wow’ throat hit factor that will really impress the vapers. And they have managed to do so.


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